Jacques CHANCEL in the programme “Un jour en France” (A day in France)

1 Apr 2000 | Dans les médias

Jacques CHANCEL interviewed by Marie Laure Augry in the programme “Un jour en France” on France 3 National (2000)

“(…) I’m very moved, it’s a lesson in life. There’s courage, there’s enthusiasm, there’s passion, it’s about never giving up. It really is a lesson in courage and a lesson in life (…) You really have to be able to help them. It’s extraordinary. Not only are they playing, they’ve got their game back (…) they were destined for a great future. I believe that this great future can come their way.
Music always works miracles and in this case, the emotion is very great; because it’s simple, because it’s beautiful, it’s all the modesty in the world (…), there’s no show-off, it’s pure truth. (…) They will go far (…)”.