Audrey and Diane Pleynet

“Infinitely fragile, And so strong at the same time, Their passion slips away, To the tips of their fingers, But when their diaphanous hands, Fly over a keyboard, They can move a thousand mountains”

― Lyrics from “Lettre à Audian”, a song by Gérard Puysségur dedicated to Audrey & Diane Pleynet

After playing their first notes on the keyboard with their father, Diane & Audrey Pleynet became pupils of piano teacher André Bader from Barr, in Alsace.

They won the “1ère médaille du degré préparatoire ascendant” in a national competition “Les tournois du royaume de la musique” organized by the French radio.


“Prodigieuses”, a feature film directed by Frédéric and Valentin Potier, is currently in post-production.


Just as they are joining the international piano elite, two twin virtuoso pianists find their careers jeopardised by an orphan disease.

Refusing to give up on their dream, they fight to continue practising their art.

Based on a true story.

A few notes on a score...

Dec 01 2013

The Pleynet twins delight the audience

Pierrefitte-Nestalas. The Pleynet twins delight the public (2013) The highlight of the concert was the performance by twin pianists Audrey and Diane Pleynet, who were...
Dec 01 2012

Presentation of the Prix Initiatives Occitanes, Balma

Presentation of the Prix Initiatives Occitanes, Balma, Banque Populaire Occitane (2012) "(…) They treated us to their return to the stage, performing six works,...
Jun 01 2010

The charm worked with Audrey and Diane

Michel BONY, journalist La Dépêche du Midi "The charm worked with Audrey and Diane" (2010) "Jacques Bousquet, the town's mayor, tells us how he met his binoculars. "It...
Oct 02 2009

In a book

"Le Mystère des jumeaux" by Marie-Noëlle HIMBERT and Nils TAVERNIER, published by Éditions Perrin (2009) "Audrey and Diane are twin sisters. They have the same talent:...
Apr 17 2009

Toulouse Atout Cœur 2009

Ève RUGGIERI: extracts from the Toulouse Atout Cœur 2009 evening, Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis, Toulouse and extracts from La Dépêche du Midi (2009) "(…) They...
Jul 17 2007


Pierre RÉACH, artistic director of the Piano Pic festival (2007) "We were all delighted by your presence at Piano Pic and I would like to tell you again how much I...
Jul 17 2007

Pyrenean Renaissance

Pierre CHALLIER, journalist La Dépêche du Midi, La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées "Renaissance pyrénéenne" (2007) "There is nothing to distinguish Diane from Audrey...
Jul 17 2007

La Dépêche du Midi

La Dépêche du Midi, Hautes-Pyrénées (2007) "Piano Pic kicked off on Monday evening with a graceful and sensitive concert that immediately put the festival under its...
Jun 17 2007

Elise DAYCARD, journalist, France 3 SUD

Elise DAYCARD, journalist, France 3 SUD, extract from a 19/20 h news report (2007) "… They touch the keys in perfect symbiosis with the piano (…).These General Meetings...
Dec 17 2003


Patrice PEYRIERAS, composer, conductor (2003) "I've been a spectator and a witness for three years now to the work and perseverance of these two talented musicians (…)...