The charm worked with Audrey and Diane

1 Jun 2010 | Dans les médias

Michel BONY, journalist La Dépêche du Midi “The charm worked with Audrey and Diane” (2010)

“Jacques Bousquet, the town’s mayor, tells us how he met his binoculars. “It was the magic of a meeting, under the starry sky of the Pic du Midi during a television programme “La nuit des Étoiles” twelve years ago, that sealed a deep friendship with the twins Audrey and Diane Pleynet. Their journey, their difficulties, their doubts, their hopes, we shared them all, without ever believing that anything would one day materialise,” he explained to the audience.
And yet it did happen, and on Friday evening they were in the Apollo, in front of a full house, for an evening that will remain unforgettable.
We won’t go back over the misfortunes that befell these two young virtuosos, their rare but terrible illness that deprived them of their passion, the piano. But they had the strength, the courage, and you only had to see their delightful smiles on stage to be convinced that they were making a new start, and the right one…
A concert for two pianos, with their own works except for two transcriptions by a composer who has meant a great deal to them: A. Gagnon.
Needless to say, the audience was captivated by the class, gentleness and virtuosity of their pianos.
At the conclusion of the evening, presented by AVICA and sponsored by the “Tout feu tout femme” association, so dear to its president Jean Charles Bordaries, Jacques Bousquet took to the stage, accompanied by Dominique Paillarse, director of the regional directorate of cultural affairs, to congratulate the evening’s two virtuosos. Speaking at the microphone, he was keen to emphasise: “It was an emotional evening, because for them it was a challenge to get back behind two pianos. It’s a source of pride for me and, above all, for them, because they’ve put in an enormous amount of work, and you can’t imagine the amount of effort that goes into preparing a concert like the one tonight. This was the first one – there will be more.

Crédit photo : Michel BONY, DDM