In a television documentary

1 Apr 2001 | Dans les médias

André GAGNON, pianist-composer: extracts from the television report “Les jumelles pianistes”, in the programme Zone Libre on Radio Canada (2001)

“Over the last few years, they have given me the pleasure of playing some of my piano pieces, and I have to say that their interpretation of them is quite remarkable. They have transcribed for two pianos what was originally written for solo piano. These transcriptions are faithful in every way to the original text, while at the same time adding a finesse and gravity that touch me deeply.
“It’s a new feeling for me to hear two twins playing my music in this way, and in the circumstances I find it extremely moving.
It’s one of the most touching things that’s ever happened to me in my life.
It’s extraordinary, truly magnificent. We’re dealing here with two very, very good musicians for whom music seems to be the most important thing in their lives, which is normal and natural. But, in this case, it reaches something else, really, it touches the soul.
“Thank you, it’s magnificent (…). Really, the way you share two hands on 2 pianos, it’s done in such a musical, beautiful way. You give my music another soul. It’s really the same thing while being completely different. And the musicality, I think it’s obvious, you’re real musicians, you’re great pianists. I really like that.