In a book

2 Oct 2009 | Dans les médias

“Le Mystère des jumeaux” by Marie-Noëlle HIMBERT and Nils TAVERNIER, published by Éditions Perrin (2009)

“Audrey and Diane are twin sisters. They have the same talent: music. And the same dream: to devote their lives to it (…)
(…) Faced with a blow from fate that affects them both, Audrey and Diane decide to fight together. Because neither of them had the strength to play a piano piece on their own, the two sisters set about reinventing their art. They perfected a new piano technique, reworked scores written for two hands and played them together, four-handed, and finally created a new style of music through their own compositions.
Today, Audrey and Diane perform in public. Under the spotlights, decked out in their stage outfits, they wait, back to back, each facing her piano, for silence… With infinite gentleness, their fingers begin to caress the keys. The notes, touched one by one, follow one another on the two keyboards, letting the beauty of a shared breath flow in a singular flow. What we see is grace, not fragility. What we hear is a flowing stream, where each sound is a drop of water; where each drop, deposited in turn by one of the artists, unites with the tender flow of the other. What you feel in this melody is purity.
This show is spellbindingly poetic. It is their own equation of twinship, the response of two beings to destiny. “Audrey and Diane Pleynet, the twin pianists, have done much more than fulfil their dream: they have given harmony a new meaning and a new sound. Against the force of nature, they have wielded the power of life. They resisted, and they won.